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Setup Security Groups – Simple Environments

For simple environments, the out of the box security settings are probably fine,  with one small best practice we’ll cover below.

By a simple environment, we mean a single team of Yurbi users, that all share access to the same reports and dashboards.

In the next section, we’ll cover a departmental setup, where you have multiple teams, departments, or even customers using Yurbi and want to put up a strict firewall between them knowing about each other’s information.

Out of the box, the following security applies to the report library and reports:

  • Agents – View Only access to reports and folders.   No ability to edit, move, or delete reports and no ability to delete folders or create subfolders.
  • Builders –  Modify access to all folders.  They can create subfolders and create or move reports into folders, but they cannot delete folders.  Delete access to reports.  By default, a Builder can edit, move, or delete any report created on an App they have access to.
  • Admins –  Admin users are the only ones that can create parent level folders in the Public Library.   Once the parent level folder structure is configured,  anyone with at least Modify Role to a folder security group can create subfolders.   Anyone with Delete Role to a folder security group can delete subfolders (and all the reports inside which is why we caution you to be careful who you grant delete privileges to).

The recommendation that we have, if you have more than 1 builder, we recommend you create a folder and report group to take away their delete permission.

In this video, we will walk you through the out of the box permissions and our recommendation to create a Modify-Only group for Builders to prevent accidental deletions.