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Yurbi Support Resources

Our goal is to be here to help you as much as you need (or as little).  We have a combination of self-help and full-service support options.  Take the time to get familiar with your options here.

Yurbi Community – Common (and uncommon) questions posted by the Yurbi Support Team as well as other customers, partners, and evaluators.  Quickly search for answers, follow topics, and since our team actively moderates the community, this is the go-to method for getting your questions answered.  Sign up for free – https://community.yurbi.com

Yurbi Academy – Instructor-led videos for specific topic areas. Think of the Academy courses as deep dives on a subject and after completing them you will most like be considered a Yurbi Ninja.  Enroll for free here – https://academy.yurbi.com

Support Portal – For how-to questions and troubleshooting, the support portal is a great place to search and find help.  You can also directly open a support ticket with us from here (just click Submit Ticket in the header) – https://support.yurbi.com

Upcoming Webinars – We regularly plan educational webinars on both Yurbi features and general BI topics.  You can sign up for future webinars or see our on-demand ones here – https://www.bigmarker.com/5000fish

YouTube Channel –  On all our social media channels we regular share #YurbiWeeklyTips on features you may not be aware of.  – https://www.youtube.com/c/5kfish (and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN)

Changelog – We update Yurbi on a very regular basis, but we’re not too good about sending out emails of all the new features and fixes. But we do add it to our changelog which you can view (and also you can click What’s New in the header on our website and subscribe to browser updates) – https://changelog.yurbi.com

Feedback Voting and Roadmap – Our best ideas come from you.  Submit new ideas, vote for others, register to get notified for updates to the feedback and roadmap items you like – https://feedback.yurbi.com

Professional Services – If you need more than just a helping hand but need us to augment your team and do some of the heavy lifting, we offer a wide range of services that we can do from API integration and development, to customization services, to simple dashboard and reporting building – https://www.yurbi.com/business-intelligence-services/