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Change your Yurbi admin password

You may be wondering why we call this step out, we’ve just found too many Yurbi servers on the World Wide Web still using the default password on “yurbi” for their admin account.

So since we just recommended you give Yurbi a user-friendly URL and potentially make it accessible via the Internet, please change your Yurbi admin password.

You want to do this after you have switched out of Demo Mode.  We may not have highlighted it but, Demo Mode has a completely different database than Production Mode, so you want to be sure to change your Admin password once you are in Production Mode (especially if you have Yurbi exposed to the Internet).

It’s really easy, while logged into Yurbi as the admin, go to Admin -> Permissions, click the pencil icon on the Yurbi Admin user account and click that button that says, Change Pin.  And be sure to click SAVE before you exit (just changing the PIN doesn’t matter if you don’t hit SAVE).

Now if you forget the Yurbi admin password, don’t worry, just contact our support team and we can give you the steps needed to reset it back to yurbi (we don’t share that info on our public support site).