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Setup a user-friendly URL

Now that Yurbi is installed and running, it’s no fun using a long and cryptic servername to reach Yurbi,  http://WIN-2341AS-T3/yurbi doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

We feel that Yurbi deserves a cozy home on your network where your company brand takes the lead.

In order to proceed with this step, you may need assistance from your internal IT team, as you’re going to need to add an entry to your DNS server.

If your plan is to only make Yurbi accessible via your internal network, then a user-friendly internal web address like http://reporting or http://reportingserver or http://dashboards could be a good choice.  Before proceeding to update the URL on the Yurbi server, be sure your IT person has updated your internal DNS server so that http://reporting will properly route to the Yurbi server name (doing a ping test should verify it).

If however, you want users to access Yurbi from outside your internal network,  from the World Wide Web,  then you will need to update your DNS registrar.   Examples of this type of URL would be http://reporting.yourcompanydomain.com or http://dashboard.yourcompanydomain.com

And if you are going to make Yurbi available outside your network, we HIGHLY recommend you apply an SSL certificate to the Yurbi server, so the URL would look like https://reporting.yourcompanydomain.com and all your data would be encrypted as it travels across the World Wide Web.

Steps Needed

We have a few articles that show you the Yurbi configuration changes that need to be made,  however, before doing the Yurbi changes,  your IT person (or you) need to ensure the following:

  1. The friendly domain name has been updated in your company DNS server
  2. An SSL certificate has been applied on the Yurbi server

And on the Yurbi Server you will want to:

  • Configure Yurbi to use a user-friendly URL
  • Make it even better by removing the /yurbi portion of the URL
  • Configure Yurbi to go into SSL mode

Here’s a support article showing the configuration changes on the Yurbi Server needed or you can watch the video below.

If you have any questions or need our tech team to discuss with your tech team on the specifics, just reach out to us at [email protected]