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Advanced Reports

If you are going to be doing a lot of Linked Reports, odds are you are going to want to leverage the Advanced Reports feature of Yurbi.

The advanced reports feature allows you to build reports in Yurbi that are based on data results from another report (we call it a Virtual App).

There are many use cases where this is practical and necessary. Such as when you would like to further refine output from some linked reports (data combined from multiple data sources) to obtain counts of grouped data.

When performing linked reports, criteria, aggregates and other grouping features are defined and performed at the individual report level not at the final combined output. Advanced reports allow you to take your linked report output and refine it further.

Advanced Reports are powerful but do add additional processing time to complete a query as it requires the execution of all the underlying linked reports and then the additional execution of the advanced report created based on them.

Leveraging the Yurbi FastCache feature (in-memory caching) can help speed the display of advanced reports on the dashboard.

By default, the Advanced Reports feature is not activated, because it is for a very specialized use case. In this video we go over the process to enable this for your builders.