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Configure Your Yurbi App

The Yurbi App is like a universal translator from Star Trek.  It translates your raw data into information that your users can use to build reports (without the mind-reading part, we need you to build the Yurbi App as of Star Date ~73000, i.e. now).

Remember the purpose of the Yurbi App is to eliminate the need for the users building your reports to know anything about your database schema or how to write SQL code.

The role of the Architect is slightly different for database data sources than MS Excel/CSV data sources.  So we’ll break the instructions down in those categories below.

Database Sources (we call them AnyDB Apps)


Add SQL Functions In The App (applies to Excel/CSV sources as well)


MS Excel/CSV Sources

Side Note: The reason my date function didn’t work on the Excel import, I was trying to use an MS SQL function but my Excel was imported into the Yurbi PostgreSQL backend. Instead of datename ( mm, call_req.open_date ) it should have been to_char ( call_req.open_date , ‘month’ )