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Register Your Data Sources

The nice thing about Yurbi is that Yurbi is the only thing that has direct communication with your database. If you’ve been giving your users direct access to your database, your IT security guys will be really happy about that.

Below we’ll break down each of the main connection types of point you to the relevant support article so you can get Yurbi connected to your data.

Connection to MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL –

Connection to ODBC Driver –

Importing Excel Spreadsheets (or CSV)

Connecting to one of our supported Premium Apps

Connecting to our ServiceNow Premium App

If you need any help with this step, be sure to reach out to our support team.  If you have a database that we don’t support out of the box, it’s fairly easy for us to add new databases, just ask us.

Next step is to configure your Yurbi App.